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I had a binder and had signed a contract on a home this bank had for sale. Two hours prior to signing my loan papers I got a call saying they sold my house to someone else for less money.

I have filed complaints with the NYS Attorney General and the NYS Banking Department. I also notified their board of directors members of these questionable practices. I doubt this bank will ever attempt to right this wrong because so far their response has been 1) have a lawyer call me who outright lied to me and was only worried about if I was going to sue and 2) have some guy named George call me and try to convince me I had the wrong bank. What a quality organization.

Imagine the way they treat their banking thanks. If you've ever had a problem with this bank, please either post your story here or anywhere on the web for that matter.

Don't let others fall victim to their unethical business practices.

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